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Posted on Monday 7 September 2020 @ 11:40 by Lieutenant Hayley Godding & Commander Melody Jones & Major Richard "Wolf" Johnson, Psy.D. & Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Petty Officer 1st Class David Scarlet

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: Ready room
Timeline: MD3 1700
1498 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure


Melody sat in her ready room waiting for the officers involved in the security drill to report in.

With things settled in the brig, Scarlet entered the ready room and stood crisply at attention before continuing to a chair.

Godding had arrived quite promptly once she'd finished securing the scene of the debarkle in engineering. She'd found it interesting that the CO had asked for Scarlet to attend as he'd merely been one of several team leaders involved. She could understand Major Johnson being here, as well as herself and Lieutenant Rathburn, but not the Petty Officer - as experienced as he was. She suspected that his prior service aboard the ship as well as his previous association with the CO had played a part in the decision to have one of her subordinates be here rather than relying exclusively on her own report. Perhaps the CO no longer trusted her judgement? Considering what had just happened, she certainly had good cause to doubt her CSec's abilities.

Not overly thrilled with leaving Doyle in the Brig, Breana had a feeling that was a little payback for the hoax she'd set up and would make it up to her officer later, for now, though she'd walked up with the others. Standing back a little as she herself was pondering a few things that she could have possibly done differently herself. Of course, the other reason she was lingering back a little on the room was that she still couldn't help the nervous butterflies that caught her whenever she had to come before Command team members.

Once all involved were present, Melody stood and started pacing. “Well... As far as security drills go, not the best outcome. Do you want to tell me what happened?”

Scarlet gritted his teeth. "I should have vaporized his arm so it didn't hit his PADD."

Richard had come in behind the Petty Officer still wearing his vest, though both his vest and tunic were unzipped in the front. The Marine shook his head, "the shock from the blast could have just as easily set the PADD off just before it was vaporized with the arm," Wolf offered, his tone more one of a teacher as he stepped forward from the door, "there are two things myself or Godding should have done, first order signal dampeners set up and, or, myself, Godding or Counselor Miller should have should have initiated contact one we had any indication of a bomb," he offered with a shrug, knowing he could have said it at the time easily, "the problem is we reacted before fully taking stock of the situation."

Scarlet nodded. The Major was right of course, but that still didn't make the situation any less sore.

"If this is the kind of realistic situation we can expect, with Engineering losing control so quickly and completely I recommend a security detail be placed there." Scarlet said firmly. "Our timing was on spot considering the short notice."

Rathburn couldn't help the slight twitch and nip at her lower lip hearing Scarlet and a quick glance went towards him as she fought not to scowl. She knew well enough her team could handle themselves in a normal situation and she bit her lower lip harder to keep her words silent. Likely glad that the Petty officer couldn't see behind her at the moment.

Hayley listened carefully to what they were saying before she spoke. "Respectfully, whilst there was indeed a possibility of opening dialogue with the supposed intruder, there was a time factor involved in our decision making process. At the time, we did not know it was a hoax and could not possibly have known that to be the case. The Merlin is enroute to a high stakes mission where time is a critical factor. With that in mind, it was my judgement - right or wrong - to secure engineering as quickly as possible. There was no indication that this individual was acting alone and it was imperative that we took control of the situation quickly. I made a judgement call based on the information that we had and I stand by that decision. Whilst there are certainly aspects to this that were a massive failure - namely that we'd all be space-dust right about now if this had been the real deal - I felt there were areas we did well and also highlighed areas where we need considerable improvement. However, I do not believe that a negotiation in this situation would have been what was in our best interests as it would have removed the element of surprise in our assault. Further, had that been a concern, then Captain Jones ma'am, you would have advised that I do so when I contacted you on the bridge to advise you of our situation and my decision to assault engineering. You trusted my judgement in that scenario."

Wolf nodded, "it wasn't a criticism, Lieutenant, in the moment I agreed with your plan as well," he said, "it is just my after action view," he added, keeping his voice conversational, "and sometimes negotiation is less about changing someone's mind and more about keeping them from seeing Jason Vorhees walking up behind them."

Melody frowned at the name. "Who? Anyway, that's beside the point. The point of running these drill is preparing us for all possible eventualities. With a drill like this, there are no wrong answers but it's important we learn something from each attempt. Wouldn't you all agree?"

Considering they'd all been dragged up here before either Hayley or Johnson had stood a chance to debrief their team leaders to get their views on what happened, it was all academic at this point. Of course she'd wanted to find out what the learning points were before this meeting, but it was what it was. "Yes Captain." Hayley responded. "I had intended to hold such a discussion with Major Johnson at the conclusion of the drill, as I believe there are things we could and should change. Needless to say, there will need to be further revisions of our plans."

Melody thought for a moment. "Very well Lieutenant. I'll let you and Major Johnson go and review this further and I look forward to hearing your conclusions. If there is nothing else?" She asked them.

"If I could maybe have my Engineering officer released from the Brig, that would be great... Commander." Breana said with a slight smile. While everything hadn't gone over perfect, she'd at least done her part and helped the other departments see what needed to be worked on. Of course, she doubted she was Hayley's favorite person right now.

"Commander, I request the CEO to be remanded to the brig." Scarlet said firmly without even looking back at Breana. "Her actions are clearly in line with charges of mischief and creating a public nuisance."

Scarlet knew he was probably overstepping his bounds on this, but it wouldn't be the first time he had a high ranking officer in the brig.

Melody looked at Godding and at Scarlet. "While I applaud your interpretations of the rules and keeping within the true spirit of the drill, throwing an officer in the Brigg for mischief is a little excessive wouldn't you agree? A reprimand or bringing the matter to his superior officer would have sufficed. However, since you think his crime warranted such an action I think you should go down and discuss the matter with him and go through the guidelines on how to behave during an emergency drill. That should take about an hour and then his penance should have been served, Agreed?"

Scarlet gritted his teeth. So Rathburn would be let off with out so much as a slap on the wrist. That left Doyle to take the brunt of things.

"Agreed." Scarlet grumbled under his breath after a moment of thought. He'd have a nice chat with Doyle very shortly.

For his part Wolf just stood back and watched the exchange. He didn't have anything to add and right then the exchange involved security. Once they were done the Major shook his head, "nothing else, ma'am," he confirmed before looking over, "Lieutenant Rathburn, I'll need you to walk with me," he added.

"Yes Major." Breana said with a slight nod hearing him.

"Then I won't keep you all any longer. I look forward to reading a complete report of the exercise." Melody said as she sat down behind her desk. "Dismissed."

Johnson nodded, "Godding, I'll meet you in your office?" he asked.

"Sounds like a plan, Major." Godding replied.

The Marine gave a nod and motioned Rathburn to follow, "I have a project for you...."

Another project? This one for a Marine? Hmm.... Bree thought with a slow smile. This could be interesting. Moving to follow alongside Wolf she glanced to him. "I'm all ears."

"Just don't do a repeat of this time, please." Hayley said, as she headed for the door.



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