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The gravity of the situation

Posted on Sunday 22 May 2022 @ 19:29 by Admiral David Jackson & Captain Melody Jones & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Civilian Jacob Carson & Commander Seklar & Commander Caroline Miller & Major David Scarlet & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell & Lieutenant Kyhl Ch'rehron & Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Lieutenant Gregor Morgan & Lieutenant JG Wintrow Paragon & Lieutenant JG Nick "Goose" Bradshaw & Lieutenant JG Zirvell Khen & Senior Chief Petty Officer Peyton Santos

Mission: Disaster!
Location: USS Merlin
Timeline: 10H00
2861 words - 5.7 OF Standard Post Measure


Main Engineering

In engineering, there was a loud burst of static followed by a beep and a crewman stuck his head out of the Jefferies tube where he had been working "The comm system is back online!" he said with a triumphant grin.

Melody emerged from the CEO's office, having heard his announcement. "Well, that's good news."

One of the panels nearby then shorted out in a cloud of sparks and everyone suddenly found themselves weightless.

Melody managed to grab hold of a nearby console as she floated upwards "Well I said I wanted to take the weight of my feet but this is ridiculous." she added dryly.

"Mom! Are the babies ok?" Sansa called out as she floated over to her.

"Yes, They're strapped into their cot. I thought it was a good idea if the ships started shaking again..... Ahhh" Melody glanced back into the office and say the cot was now floating too, but it looked to be holding a position and the twins were sleeping soundly."

"Commander Seklar, the gravity?"

Once the message was relayed to him, Seklar cast the CO a somewhat annoyed look. "Obviously offline," he deadpanned as he turned back towards the console he was working on. "And it will be a while before we can repair this. I cannot give an exact estimate as I do not know yet how extensive the damage is."


Suddenly the expected weight of one's own self evaporated as the gravity across the bridge went offline. Anya rapidly activated the gravity boots she had on along with the EV suit tethering her to the deck while the rest of the crew started to drift helplessly.
"Zirvell pull them down to the deck... If the gravity comes back on they could sustain injury!"

The Cardassian nodded as he grabbed a nearby crewman by the pant leg of her uniform, and pulled her down towards a seat. "I suggest everyone strap into their seats. Anyone unable to find a seat... grab hold of something or maybe get under the consoles for now?"

Gregor got himself under the tactical console to prevent floating away. " Well considering the gravity of the situation, one doesn't appreciate what they've got until it's gone. Oh, And I've got space for one more under tactical if some needs a place to shelter. " Stated Gregor.

Admiral Jackson managed to grab hold of the engineering console he had been working under. "Great! Just Great!"

Marine Section

Scarlet felt the slow release from the deck and swore under his breath. He gently held onto the table as the PADDs began to shift from the air currents in the large room. "Everyone stay close to the deck. Fasten down anything that needs fastening."

The last thing they need was a loose rifle to come crashing down and fire at someone. The comms were back up as he began getting chirping reports from the survey teams that this was a widespread issue.

"Well isn't this lovely." He muttered under his breath before speaking into the headset. "Continue making contact and coordinating with people to get them to their stations. Stay close to the deck to avoid a sudden descent."

Pearl contacted Scarlet, "Sir we're okay here as well, and things are buttoned-down as well."

Flight Deck

Goose and Maverick hopped out of their fighter, both men had a smile on their faces and were a little smug that their crackpot plan actually worked and the Merlin was safely ensconced in the tractor beam of the Iwo Jima. "I feel the need..." Maverick began to say the tradition after mission jibe that he and Goose would exchange. He raised his hand for a high five however, they were interrupted as both men's feet left the deck plating. It seemed that the two pilots had good news and bad news. The good news was that comms were back online. One of the other pilots had informed them. The bad news was that the gravity had just gone out. He tapped his comm badge. "Bridge this is Lieutenant Pete Mitchell from the Iwo Jima. Is there anything I can do to assist?"

Gregor tapped his combadge. " Bridge to Lieutenant Mitchell. If you're an engineer then head for the main engineering, we can use all the engineers we can get our hands on right now. If not, head to your assigned department and lend a hand there. Do you have any questions? "

"No sir... Mitchell out." Pete was a pilot and he was exactly where he needed to be then. He turned to Nick "We should see if we can find Santos. We need to get the fighters secured before they injure someone. Right now that is probably the best way we can help." Nick nodded his agreement and the two waded into the fray of everything floating as they looked for Santos and some gravity boots.

A lot of shouting, cursing really, in Spanish coming from the other side of a fighter. It was surprising what could come from such a pretty face, but boy when she got frustrated people knew to stay out of her way. "&$^#%%, stupid equipment is broken." She said launching a securing latch across the room and into an also broken cargo container.

Pete chuckled at what he saw as he floated over to where Santos was. "Chief we need some magnetic boots and equipment to secure these fighters. Know where we can find em?"

"There's an equipment storeroom just off the port side of the room," Peyton said pointing to the doors in question. "Looks like we'll have to get some containers out the way, which might be difficult with no gravity, but I'm sure you'll manage."

"Well then, I think we may have our work cut out for us. So let's get to it before someone gets seriously injured." Pete began to make his way to the indicated storeroom. He hated zero-g and wanted those grav boots on as soon as possible.


Hearing the comm system was back online, Jackson tapped his comm badge "Bridge to engineering. Anyone alive down there?"

Melody's voice came back "Oh yes Admiral, We're still alive down here."

David smiled. "It's good to hear your voice Captain. What's the situation down there? Is there gravity out there too?"

"From what we can tell the gravity is out shipwide. Commander Seklar is working on the problem We're also trying to restore power and computer control but it's slow going. At least the comms are back online. I managed to send a distress call from one of the shuttles."

"That was quick thinking. Keep us advised of your progress. We'll contact each other every 30 minutes for a progress report."

"Every thirty minutes. Check." Melody replied, "Jones out."

Wintrow had been on his way to the bridge to resume his duties at the helm. As the turbolifts were out he had to get creative by getting there through the Jeffries tubes. It was a steep climb but thankfully he was in pretty fit condition. "Whoa," he exclaimed as suddenly he felt himself afloat in the middle of a vertical tube. Then, a smile spread across his face as he grabbed the steps and propelled himself upwards through the hatches. "Whoheee!" he called out, happy as a kid in a candy store despite the current situation.

He was still sporting the happy smile as he crawled through the final tube and, with the help of any object he came across, made his way to the helm station. "Lieutenant Paragon, ready for duty," he grinned as he strapped himself in.

The Admiral managed to smile "Welcome to the party. I'm afraid propulsion is still offline but it seems like we've got some outside help."

"Well... once we're in motion we're likely to stay in motion sir, us being in a vacuum," Wintrow smiled back, "so...we still do need to steer the ship somehow right?"

" StarBase 308 would be the closest repair facility to our current location. The Iwo Jima could get us clear of the distortion field, but would struggle due to the size difference. We'd need a larger ship or a fleet tug at the very least to get us home. Admiral, do you think the StarBase would have A couple of Wallenberg fleet tugs located there? " Gregor asked. " They are warp-capable and designed to haul heavy loads. If we could get a message out we could find out. We have some people in the shuttle bay that could send out an inquiry to Star Base 308 through the shuttles communication system to find out. "

"Where's the Britannic?" Zirvell asked quietly, "is my father's ship still anywhere nearby?"

The Admiral replied, trying to reassure Zirvell. “The Britannic was is a nearby system. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also picked up our distress call.”

He then turned his attention to Lieutenant Paragon. “Deep space 21 isn’t far from here and I believe they’ve just been equipped with a new dry dock. They’ve also got some heavy duty towing equipment. See if you can get a message through to Captain Haistro. I believe he owes me a favour.”

" Admiral Jackson, I know we've restored internal ship's communications, But I'm uncertain about external communications at this time. I brought you back a tactical marine radio and you can have either Chief Petty Officer McGyver or Lance Corporal Bijoux down in the shuttle bay to use the Runabouts communication system to raise Star Base 21. They also beamed Dr Khyl into Sickbay with additional supplies and myself here to the bridge Sir. They can relay the message for you. "

"I'll attempt for course corrections sir," Wintrow promised, "though...if we have runabouts, perhaps we should send a runabout ahead?" He turned his head to look at the admiral.

Zirvell smiled at the admiral's reassurance, but that hadn't been what he was trying to get at. "I meant sir...maybe the Britannic could help give us a tow to the starbase?"

"It's possible Lieutenant, we're certainly not going to make it on our own power." The Admiral replied. "We'll have to propose it.

Mathias found his way to the bridge, getting through the Jefferies tubes was so much easier now he had been delayed getting to the bridge due to helping out a few individuals make their way to sickbay. "Things are being sorted out in Medical, and happily we do have communication back." he floated over to where Admiral Jackson was, "Reporting in." he replied with a weary smile.

"Lieutenant." The admiral acknowledged Mathias's arrival.

Wintrow just nodded when something dawned on him that he apparently hadn't quite noticed before. "Just uhm.. which starbase though sir? Three-oh-eight was mentioned but also twenty-one...which one am I to make course corrections for?"

Main Engineering

Satisfied her mom was ok, Sansa turned her attention to Hamish who had been accompanying her when the gravity failed. "Hamish, are you ok?" she asked concerned.

Hamish was at that moment analyzing the zero gravity, "You know this is much like being in space doing the zero gravity exercise, but better due to having air to breathe without an EV suit and more comfortable." giving a quick smile. "yes I am quite alright." wafting his way towards Sansa. "Or Peter Pan, guess you might say we got ourselves flying because of happy thoughts." giving a chuckle. The twinkle in his eyes was reminiscent of Mathias. He definitely had some resemblance to his cousin.

Sansa smiled at his enthusiasm, quite enjoying the feeling of zero gravity herself. "I wonder how long this will last?" She asked none in particular.

There was a sudden loud bang and a beep followed swiftly by everyone crashing back down to the deck with a thump.

Melody managed to stand up, rubbing her posterior. "Nice work commander, but a little warning next time?"

"I cannot warn for something to happen when I do not know it was about to happen, captain," the chief engineer called back, "but I will...try to anticipate next time. Are your infants alright?"

"They're fine. I secured them snugly before I came in here." Melody replied.


"Lieutenant McPhee, It's good to see you're safe my friend. Any news from engineering? Or are we still on reserve power and manoeuvring thrusters and waiting for a tow? " He shook his head thinking about the past twenty four hours. " That Quantum filament sure took a toll on the Merlin, but overall we were very lucky. I haven't heard of any deaths thankfully, the Britannic is nearby and must have received our distress beacon. That and we're in close proximity to both Star Base twenty one and three oh eight. Other ships that have met with such an incident have had far worse results."

As Zirvell's face showed sign of relief at his father's vessel, Wintrow turned his head towards McGregor. "So which one should I aim for?" he queried as he waited for orders.

Mathias cleared his throat slightly before he answered Wintrow. "With the how damaged the Merlin is, we will be towed. We will not be getting there on our own power. Therefore..." he looked over towards Admiral Jackson, "From what I am gathering, there won't be a pilot needed to direct the navigation of the ship. With us being towed it will be, the one who is towing us, they will be our navigator." Directing his next comment to the Admiral. "I think it would be wise at the very least to have things being monitored though. But that would be all that is needed. We dare not even use impulse right now."

Suddenly and without warning the artificial gravity reengaged and the Admiral felt himself drop back to the deck.

"Ahhh. that will make things easier. Do we know if gravity has been restored ship-wide?"

Wintrow's expression tightened a little, as he felt he was being berated for trying to do his job. "Then what would you like me to do, sir?" he asked, almost timidly, "do you want me to head out in a fighter and help tow?"

Gregor walked over to Wintrow and gently placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in and spoke softly enough for Wintrow to hear. "I appreciate the fact that you want to do everything you can to help out, But right now we're on minimal life support, no warp or impulse power. We are dead in the water, The only thing any of us can do is relax and enjoy the ride while the Britannic tows us into a starbase. After that, we'll all have more than enough to do lending a hand with repair work around the ship, trust me I'm frustrated too, but there's nothing any of us can do right now."

Wintrow nodded slowly at the man, gently shying away from what he knew had been a well-meant touch of comfort. "I hate feeling helpless," he admitted in an equal whisper.

Just then the comm system beeped "Jones to bridge. We've just experienced a slight..... interruption in the gravity down here. Did anything happen on the bridge?"

David smiled to himself "Yeah you could say that, I think the effect was shipwide. We're ok up here. No more surprises ok?"

"We'll try our best. Jones out."

Gregor straightened up, standing to his full height once again and nodded in agreement with what Wintrow had just stated. " Then you have plenty of company because I believe that everyone on the ship is feeling that way currently. " He paused for a second. " That includes myself. But the Britannic is nearly here, so hang in there and we'll be rescued here shortly. "

Mathias then finally answered Gregor's question. "I'm alright, and the Captain's babies have been delivered and are doing well. Other things I can tell you later on." he looked over towards Caroline and Anya giving them encouraging smiles. "And it looks like everyone is none worse for the wear. So far so good."


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

[●●●●] Admiral David Jackson
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

Sansa Draxx-Jones
Marine biologist
USS Merlin

○● Lieutenant JG Gregor Morgan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Merlin

* Major David Scarlet
Marine Company Commander
USS Merlin

●●● Commander Seklar
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant j.g. Wintrow Paragon
(fighter) pilot
USS Merlin

Ensign Zirvell Khen
USS Merlin

●●● Commander Caroline Miller
Chief Counselor
USS Merlin

>>>** Senior Chief Petty Officer Peyton Santos
Deck Chief
USS Merlin

○●● Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin


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